Carl Schulhof

Huggins, Schulhof & Regan


​​As its part of the partnership,

HSR will pursue the following:​​

Campaigns include:

Furnish a top tier national or regional cancer treatment center healthcare sponsor.

The sponsor can choose any markets that are important to its strategic growth.

Right of the station to review any materials used which lists them as a partner

In return for the contingent first right of refusal in their market, the station agrees that HSR may list them as a media partner in the project. 

For more information and for market availability contact:

The Understanding Cancer network is a media partnership designed to provide timely, useful and actionable information about the latest in cancer treatment options to the public.  It will be in partnership with nationally recognized Cancer Treatment Centers that are featured on a market exclusive basis.   

Participating stations will have a first right of refusal to receive the revenue for their market.

​​Co-branding the campaign with the healthcare provider.

Marketing and promotional support of the campaign, both with on-air promos and on the station's website.

A paid on-air spot advertising campaign by the healthcare provider at the station's current unit rates.

Station Participation