UNDERSTANDING CANCER is very different from traditional healthcare information campaigns.

It is a one-of-a-kind co-funded media partnership with respected broadcast partners in local markets.

Benefits to your Cancer Treatment Center

A co-branded, co-funded, exclusive media partnership which targets the most valuable healthcare consumers - those who need treatment.

Enhance your position as a patient advocate and provider of the highest quality medical care in local markets.

Ease of execution - HSR works with the local station partner providing all resources and creative support to ensure success.


The Understanding Cancer network is a media partnership designed to provide timely, useful and actionable information about the latest in cancer treatment options to the public.  It will be in partnership with nationally recognized Cancer Treatment Centers that are featured on a market exclusive basis.   

Healthcare Partners

Your Health-Your Decision is designed to drive people in need of medical treatment to your Cancer Treatment Center.

Today, patients have access to an abundance of healthcare information that can be confusing at best or misleading at worst.  Patients and/or their families and friends are left largely on their own to make life-critical treatment decisions.

Patients NEED a guide and advocate to help them weigh physicians’ opinions, tests, treatments and potential outcomes.

Carl Schulhof

Huggins, Schulhof & Regan



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