​A Media Partnership



Created to help those

diagnosed with cancer make informed treatment decisions.

The Understanding Cancer Network is a market-exclusive media partnership between highly rated local broadcasters and leading Cancer Treatment Centers across the U.S. created to help those diagnosed with cancer make informed treatment decisions.

Helping Patients

​Our campaigns are positioned to be a patient advocate and a trusted brand assisting patients in need of treatment and their families make informed treatment decisions.

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Help those diagnosed with cancer gain a better understanding of their treatment options​

Help cancer centers expand their markets, patient census and revenue

Help local TV stations establish a valuable new business relationship and way to serve their communities.

Understanding Cancer Network

Developed and executed by HSR with 35+ years of experience in generating successful health care media partnerships for 96 broadcasters in 44 markets.

Provides patients a vital link with hospitals and specific information about their treatment options so they can make the best decisions, and it will give cancer centers a focused audience.

Provides National and Regional Cancer Treatment Centers with local community support and an increased patient base. (more...)​

Provides local TV stations a new relationship with national cancer treatment centers and does not require station sales staff support. HSR provides all sponsorship revenue development. (more...)

Experience Makes a Difference